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  • Steve Coffey

    Steve Coffey

Client: Steve Coffey
Location: Barry

Today I met with Steve Coffey who has been working for Barry Town Council since 1987. Steve began his employment working as a Sexton/Security officer at the Barry Cemetery and resided at the lodge until 1996. A position became available for a Caretaker at the Memorial Hall, Steve duly applied and the position became his. The Memorial Hall became a Trust, Kate Long was appointed as the Council felt that it needed someone with experience and knowledge to run it as a theatre. Kate would re-activate the Memorial Hall as a Trust, and by 2006 everything had fallen in place. For the past 21 years Steve has had the responsibility of preparing functions, cleaning, maintaining the gardens, as well as operating the Cinema Projector and assisting with members of public. Steve is due to retire in February 2018, he has throughly enjoyed his time at the Memorial Hall. Steve cherishes most his involvement with the public, meeting people from all walks of life, and getting to watch the amazing shows and activities put on every year at the venue. In retirement Steve intends to continue gardening and treat himself to a well-deserved Cruise.

Steve Coffey.

Steve Coffey on the stage.

Steve Coffey clinging to the ropes.

Steve Coffey and the camera.

Steve Coffey looking for photo.

Steve Coffey and his place work.