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    Nicola Owen

Client: Nicola Owen
Location: Barry

Yesterday I met a member of the emergency services. Police Officer Nicola Owen joined South Wales Police as a civilian in 1997 and then as a constable in 2000. Nicola is also a mum to two children, Madison aged 5 and Zachary aged 18mths. Nicola explained that it was difficult at times to juggle both her work and personal life, but finds both very rewarding. Nicola has worked as a Neighbourhood Beat Manager on the Neighbourhood Policing Team. Throughout her career she has worked as uniform response, covering Penarth and the Vale. Nicola has also worked on the Drug Squad, and Auto Crime Squad where she was commended for her results. Nicola is a qualified Detective having passed the National Investigators Exam, she has worked Divisional CID for 3 years ands is also a qualified Sergeant. At present Nicola is enjoying a 6 month attachment to the Public Protection Unit in Cowbridge. Policing remains a difficult job, they are expected to deal with even the most harrowing event without a thought. They are facing government cuts, repeatedly being ignored by Theresa May, being underpaid, under appreciated and under pressure. It is worth remembering that in the recent London attacks PC Wayne Marques received multiple stab wounds fighting armed terrorist with just his baton. The fact is as police officers they will run towards danger where we would run from it. The same is true of the Ambulance and Fire Service. Their Service, dedication and commitment to ensuring our safety is deserving of a mention in a 'Year in Barry'. I'm sure that many will agree that all the Emergency Services hold nothing but our admiration and respect.

Police Officer.

Son of Nicola Owen.

Nicola Owen and her son.

Nicola Owen smiling.