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  • Bailey Sloan

    Bailey Sloan

Client: Bailey Sloan
Location: Barry

Today I met another amazing little boy. Bailey Sloan is an Eleven year old child who is both Autistic and suffers with ADHD. As a young child he was unable to attend School, as neither he nor the School could deal with his Special Needs. Bailey was unable to associate and empathise with other children of his own age, and in his best interest it was decided that he should be home schooled. In an attempt to connect Bailey with other children his Mother Lisa suggested that Bailey made a project for himself to perform acts of kindness. Bailey himself decided that he would undertake 100 acts of kindness. This entailed baking cakes and handing them out in the town centre, leaving chocolate on the postbox for the postman. Sending thank you cards to the Police and Fire Service of Barry in recognition of the great work they do, and spending 2 hours on Barry Island beach picking up rubbish. As a result of this his 'Acts of Kindness' became known to ITV Wales and shortly after Bailey was invited onto Good Morning Britain. In 2016 he was awarded Young Citizen of the Year by Rotary of Great Britain and Ireland, and in 2017 he was awarded the Town Mayors Youth Award for outstanding contribution to the people and town of Barry. To add to his list of achievements Bailey has also raised £500 for charity. Bailey Sloan is an exceptional child, with a heart as big as his smile.

Bailey Sloan smile

Bailey Sloan smiling

Bailey Sloan making a pose for the photo