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Client: Barry Town United
Location: Barry

Today I attended the Remembrance Day Football match between Barry Town United and Llandudno Town FC. The Secretary of Barry Town United, Mr David Cole, served in HM Forces for 23 years, so Remembrance Day is particularly poignant for him. David explained to me that when the Club became Barry Town United in 2013, he thought it a great opportunity to show the club as being part of the Community and dedicating their nearest home game to those who sacrificed their lives for our future. The Club is involved with the Royal British Legion who were represented at todays game. Todays Mascot was 6 year old Aiden Moore who absolutely loved his day at Barry Town United. He was able to meet all the players, practice with them on the pitch and then watch as his team beat Llandudno 2-0. I myself have to give massive thank you to Mr Mathew Case, David Cole, and the team Manager Mr Gavin Chesterfield for allowing me full access to cover this day. Barry Town United is an amazing Club, and a Year in Barry will continue their story in the near future. It was a fantastic win today Barry were outstanding, playing courageously with passion and pride. Congratulations to all the players and everyone involved in making Barry Town United such a commemorative club.

Remembrance Day Football.

Player shooting a ball.


Coach and player.

Barry Town United and Llandudno Town FC.


Players 26.

Barry Town United score a goal.


A little player shoots the ball.

The coach applauds the team.

Mr. David Cole.

Father and son.

Player shoots the ball.

Team celebrates its goal.

Barry Town United and his goal.


Lack of the Llandudno Town FC team.

The game.

Game Barry Town United vs Llandudno Town FC.

Young player.

Ball contest.

Coach and young player.

Dangerous lance.

After the goal of Barry Town United.

Before the game begins.


During the game.