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    Park Lions Football Club

Client: Park Lions Football Club
Location: Barry

This morning I met an amazing and very talented group of youngsters, Park Lions Football Club. The club formed in 2006 and at its peak had over 130 players. Park Lions are a mini and Junior Club with focus on participation, enjoyment and development. The club has had a number of its young players, train with Cardiff and Swansea, and more recently one player had left to join Newport Town. The club Prides itself on their commitment to developing children in sport, this was clearly evident today by the number of enthusiastic coaches and parents who came out to support the club. Park Lions Under 13's recently won a tournament in Monmouth, and James Miller is this year's Club player of the Year. The club has a number of football coaches, Carmine Iannucci is the head coach and has been involved in the coaching of every team since the club originated. He is also the Chairman of the Club and the Safeguarding officer for the Vale of Glamorgan football League. This is a great Footballing Club should you wish to know any more please contact Mrs Kim Iannucci on 07772955635.

Team of Park Lions Football Club.

Little kid playing football.


Players resting.

Kid hitting the ball.

Player learn not to be afraid.

Players fighting for the ball.

Player having fun with the ball.

Player receiving the ball with his shoulder.

Player controlling the ball with his head.

The whole team.

Player and the ball.

Players running with their hands dads.

Kid player smiling at the camera.

Player to play the opponent.

Player to pass through the opponent.

Kid player looking at the ball.

Player dominating the ball.

Player passing through the opponent.


Kid player smile.