Wendy Summerell

  • Wendy Summerell

    Wendy Summerell

Client: Wendy Summerel
Location: Barry

Yesterday I met Wendy Summerell, a remarkable lady, and a teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance & Ballet. Her school the 'Wendy Summerell School of Dance' is the longest established school in Barry. Wendy has been teaching dance and ballet in Barry for over 50 years. She began dancing at the tender age of 4, starting at the Malpas Rooms in Broad Street, her teacher back then was Mae Ross. Wendy has trained with the Royal Academy in London and over the years has taught hundreds of boys and girls. Many of her students have progressed to full-time Ballet Schools such as The Elmhurst School, Trinity Laban, and The Royal Ballet. Throughout the years her school has put on many shows in Barry, raising thousands of pounds for charities such as Marie Curie, Ty-Hafan, and Kidney Research. Wendy's delight as a teacher is seeing the children develop and achieve through the medium of dance, and putting them on a path, a career that they will love. Wendy, who is now 78 years of age still teaches five times a week, such is her professionalism and passion for Ballet. Wendy Summerell 'A Year In Barry' congratulates you for your commitment to the community and all that you have achieved.

Wendy Summerell

Student dancing.

Wnedy teaches.

Wendy and her student.


Student learning.

Girl dancing.


Position of feet.

The hapinness of the student.

Student learning.


Ballet dancer.

Class of the Wendy.

Whole class.

Feet of a ballerina.

Wendy Summerell teaching her students.

Wendy helping her ballerina.