King Square

  • King Square

    King Square

Client: King Square
Location: Barry

Well done to the Holton Road Traders Association, Barry Town Council & The Vale of Glamorgan Council, for another amazing day for the annual Christmas light switch on, and festivities on King Square, Barry.


Mom and daughter.


Santa Claus.

Santa Cluas and one child.

Bearded man.

Santa Claus and family.

Mother smiling to her son.


Boy kid.

Lady smile.


Woman dancing.

Lady dancing.

Santa Claus and leprechauns.

Son and mother.


Show fire.

Christmas tree surrounded by people.

'Gruff Beard'

Playing with fire.

Lady plating drum.


A star.

Traders Association.

Show in Holton Road.


Beautiful man smiling.

People doing ice skating.

People to have fun with Santa Claus.

Beautiful woman.

Lady smile.

Sant Claus and his leprechauns.

Man having fun.

Womans giving to people a musical show.

Some people giving carrots to donkeys.