Wayne Gurd

  • Wayne Gurd

    Wayne Gurd

Client: Wayne Gurd
Location: Barry

Yesterday a Year in Barry met Wayne Gurd, and members of the Colcot Amateur Boxing Club. The club was formed in 1986 by Wayne's father Mr Ronald Gurd. In the beginning the gym comprised of two small changing rooms at the Sports Centre. The Boxing ring would have to be dismantled every Friday to accomodate the football teams playing on the weekend. In 1993 the boxing gym was given a grant from Littlewoods Pools to build their own boxing gym and in 1994 the work was completed. After producing many champions at a top level and winning countless awards for club of the year, Ronald Gurd decided it was time to retire. In 2008 Ron's son, Wayne was promoted to Head Coach and took over following in his fathers footsteps. Since Wayne has been in charge the club has produced Welsh, Gaelic, British and European champions, and is widely regarded as being one of the most successful boxing gyms in Wales. Colcot Amateur Boxing Club is a fantastic venue for young people to learn the noble art of Boxing. The club has superb coaching staff and an atmosphere to match. A year in Barry would like to wish all at Colcot abc continued success with its future.


Kid in position.




Fight in ring.


Child doing a demonstration.



Boy training.

Boy training with his coatch.

Boy jumpe rope.

Boy and coatch.

Wayne Gurd watching.

Boy position.


Place to training.

Kids training in ring.

Young people.


Wayne Gurd coatching.


Young boy training.


Woman in box position.



Girl training.

Wayne Gurd.

Wayne Gurd and his student.