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    Robert Spong

Client: Robert Spong
Location: Newport

This morning I accompanied Robert Spong on his Charity Abseil for the Noah's Ark Childrens Charity, which took place from the top of the Transporter Bridge in Newport. On the 18th July 2016 Robert and his wife received devastating news that completely destroyed their world. The words that Robert will never forget "I'm sorry to have to tell you but your daughter has a brain tumour." They're daughter, Lacey-Mae, who was just 4years old at the time had been ill with headaches and vomiting. Lacey was taken to the University Hospital of Wales, and within hours of their arrival they were given the horrific news. Lacey went straight into surgery and was fighting for her young life. The tumour later categorised as a 'Pilotic Astrocytoma' had caused fluid around her brain known as 'Hydrocephalus' which was the cause of the headaches and vomiting. Lacey had surgery to have a 'shunt' fitted to help drain the fluid and to also remove as much of the tumour as possible, before Chemotherapy could begin. Unfortunately, the surgery caused Lacey to suffer a stroke and loose her eyesight. Following the surgery Lacey would spend 16 weeks at the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales. Robert and his wife are extremely grateful to the assistance from Noah's ark and other organisations that supported them throughout this period. Lacey has regular physiotherapy sessions for her stroke, and special books and tutoring for her eye sight. Providing the tumour doesn't begin to grow the Chemotherapy is on hold. The abseil this morning was Roberts way of giving back to Noah's Ark Charity for all that they have done. In future he wants to attempt other fund raising campaigns for other charities that have assisted the family. A Year in Barry would like to wish Robert and his family the very best for the future.

Lacey-Mae smile.

Robert Spong.


Robert Spong and the city.

Given support to Robert Spong.

Robert Spong climbing,

Lacey-Mae and her parents.

The bridge.

Top of the bridge.

Robert Spong on the top.