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Client: Lesley Woolcock
Location: Barry

Today a Year in Barry met the families and friends who too part in 'Walk in her name.' Alison Woodcock said "originally this was a walk just about Lesley Woolcock but very quickly I wanted it to also be about Katie Guthrie on what would be the first Mother’s Day her children, stepchildren and family would be experiencing".
This then made Alison think about those friends who were going through cancer treatment or living with post cancer Sharron, Michaela, Jayne, Laila, Mandy, Nicki, Jo and Soraya who has her own campaign #theglovesareon to also raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis of cancer.
Alison also wanted to include those friends and family who had lost family members, Nicola’s mother Theresa, Emily’s mother Jenny, Mandy and Rachel’s mother Sue, Samantha’s mother Joyce, Sharon’s mother Sheila, Damien and Anton’s mother Cathy, Paula’s mother Jeannie, Theresa’s mother Joan, Robert’s mother Shirley, Julie’s father Ken, Marcia’s brother Mal, Sandy’s sister Debra and Helen Louise’s father Terry. Like Julie Hill my brothers ex wife and Marie Martyn these were people she had known for years.
There were others like Sue Rees and Jane Spickett who were the same age as Lesley and were taken too soon but fought every step of the way. Alison wanted to share their story.
She says that she was honoured to be contacted by people who wanted to share their stories of loss or experiences of cancer. Alison wishes thank Amanda and Emma Louise for allowing her to tell their stories. She also wishes to thank Pauline for sharing the story of her sister Marilyn, and Vicky for sharing Jane’s story. Also to Rebecca Thomas for sharing the story of her mother in law Valerie, Kate for sharing the story of her mother Gaynor. Also thanks to Nicola and Danika for helping Alison share the stories of Jess, Rachel, Aimee and Hannah.
Thanks to Julie who allowed us to hear her father Jimmy’s story which shows what a difference early diagnosis can make.
It was a true honour to share the stories of Aimee-Leigh and Megan Rose whose families had to watch their babies struggle through their short but much loved lives. Alison chose Mother’s Day to walk because of its specialness, as for many of the ladies featured would so want to be celebrating with their families. As a result of today Alison's raised £3,300 for Ovarian Cancer. Alison said "Barry is a small community but we are all connected, I wanted this day to show how we love and support each other." "Cancer affects most of us at some point and the only way of preventing it is by early diagnosis."

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