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Client: Food For Thought Deli
Location: Barry

In continuing to high light and promote local business in Barry, this morning I visited the Food for Thought Deli in High Street. The Business started back in 1983 when Dave Keeble was touring the world with his catering business, providing food for many famous Bands and singers, Queen, Abba, and David Bowie to name a few. As his passion was food, Dave and his wife Lynda opened up Food for Thought in High Street. Lynda along with other staff would run the shop whilst Dave was still away doing concerts, including Live Aid 1985 and Queen's last concert in Knebworth 1986. In 1987 Dave stopped working on the road and became full time at the shop. Their son Nathan began working weekends at the shop from 13, and his daughters Zoe and Hannah helped out in the family run business. Nathan met his wife Sarah who joined the family business part-time whilst bringing up her two sons Leroy and Jay. In 2011 Dave and Lynda retired and Nathan and Sarah willingly bought the business and premises to keep the family business running. Their son Leroy, having the same passion for food became full-time in 2014, whilst Jay is in the process of a Mechanic apprenticeship. Nathan, Sarah and all the team at the Deli honour themselves on their excellent customer service, and take pride in that each member of staff has their own unique personality which contributes to such an effective team. When Sarah and Nathan decide to retire in many years to come they know that the business will be in the safe hands of their son Leroy. Both Sarah and Nathan fervently believe that High Street is a community and that all shops offer customers 'old and new' the best quality of products and service. A Year in Barry would like to wish Sarah and Nathan and all members of staff, continued success. The Deli is vibrant and has such a great atmosphere, all the staff were amazing and on top of which they sell a wide range of Chilli Sauces including 'The end'.



Staff happy.


The happiness of working in this place.


Food with a great aspect.



Woman smiling.

The chicken.

A piece for the customer to prove.

Food For Thought Deli

Taking a coffee.

Staff working.

Delicious food.

The team.



The shop.

Christmas effect.