Anita Hodgkinson

  • Anita Hodgkinson

    Anita Hodgkinson

Client: Anita Hodgkinson
Location: Barry

Today I met Anita Hodgkinson of Anita's Theatre School, Castled Community Centre. Anita started ballet at the age of nine with Fay Vaughan Williams, she gained a Scholarship with the Royal Academy of Dancing by the age of 12. After leaving a prestigious London dance college, where she learnt all aspects of dance, drama and singing, she went to dance professionally abroad for two and half years. Anita opened the Theatre School in Barry 17 years ago. When she was a performer Anita loved the feeling of appearing on stage, but now she gets more satisfaction from teaching children who can be shy and introverted, but who then grow in confidence and shine on stage and everyday life. The School is for boys and girls aged 4-16yrs, and consists of Dance, Drama and Singing. Tuition takes place every Saturday with an hour spent on each discipline. After the 12 weeks term, Parents and friends are invited to watch a presentation of their work and progress. Anita is very proud of what she has achieved, helping hundreds of children grow in confidence whilst developing skills. Quite a few of the children taught by Anita have appeared on TV, West End Shows and some have even returned and now assist Anita in teaching. A 'Year in Barry' would like to Wish Anita continued success for many years to come.

Anita's Theatre School.

Anita's Theatre School training.

Young people dancing.


Sweet girl.


Lady dancing.

Girl learning.


Girl learning how to do some dance steps.

Girl trying to take a dance step.

Kid class.


Anita teaching.

Kid trying to do the dance step.

Class of kids.