Lauren Moran

  • Lauren Moran

    Lauren Moran

Client: Lauren Moran
Location: Barry

Today a Year in barry met Lauren Moran. Lauren decided many months ago to have her hair cut having seen a notice regarding a charity that makes wigs for children who suffered with Cancer 'Little Princess Trust'.At the start of 2018 she decided to start fund raising as February was going to be the month to cut her hair.
At the age of 15, Lauren was confident in herself to take this challenge on. So far she has achieved to fundraise at least £160.00 in local collection and £280.00 on an online 'Go fund page' with more sponsors due in. She hopes this will encourage many of her friends to do the same.

Lauren Moran smiling.

Lauren Moran and her gair.

Lauren Moran and her long hair.

Lauren Moran in shock.

Lauren Moran with her hair in her hands.

Lauren Moran showing her hair.

Lauren Moran.

Lauren Moran with short hair.


Lauren Moran laughing.

Lauren Moran looking to the photo.