• Vivian Phillips

    Vivian Phillips

    87 year Vivian Phillips checking Barry Island Beach with his trusty metal detector.

  • Snow Queen

    Snow Queen

    Cast member preparing for the prooduction of the snow queen at barry memo arts centre

  • Santa Fun Run

    Santa Fun Run

    2017 Christmas Santa Fun Run

  • Wendy Summerell Ballet Academy

    Wendy Summerell Ballet Academy

    Wendy Summerell ballet dancing student

What the project is about.

We set out to document peoples lives in Barry over a period of one year. The documentory will capture and promote local business as well as the people who contribute positively to our community.

To highlight the high and the lows, the struggles and the successes that we all face.

Share the journey with us over the coming next 12 months.

Head over to the project page to view who we have recorded so far.

Getting involved

If you want to get documented, contact Kevin..

How you can help

If you see yourself on the PROJECT page and we didnt record your name on the day. Let us know who you are. Send us some more information or added history.

Capturing people in life

Our aim over the next 12 months is to capture and display life and people of Barry. The people who bring Barry to life.

Let us take you on a journey meeting the characters in and around the town of Barry.

'Gavin and Stacy Land'

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We specialize in capturing you as you truly are.


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