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Client: Nicki Ellis
Location: Barry

Today I met another courageous lady Nicki Ellis. Nicki has been working as a well respected Funeral DIrector in Barry, and at the age of 45 in July 2015 she heard the words everyone dreads...”Im sorry Nicki Ellis but you have breast cancer.” Her whole world of normal came tumbling down hearing the word Cancer, first thoughts were "I am going to die" but after a few weeks of scans preparation for treatment the positivity button clicked in her head. Nicki's aim from that day on was to spread awareness to others of signs, symptoms what to look for, nagging people continuously to carry out their checks, men also as yes men can get breast cancer also. Check the boobs and posts on social media kept her motivated. She is also happy that her posts have made a difference to people getting themselves checked out on finding something they were unsure of, as early detection can save your life.
In August 2015 Nicki started 3 months of chemotherapy embracing everything and remaining positive even through the downs of losing her hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. She then had that chemo look but rocked the different wig colours from brunette to red and blonde even the bald look. In January 2016 she had her surgery. The chemotherapy didn’t shrink her 10cm tumour so it was decided that Nicki would have a full right mastectomy and also full lymph node removal right side. She was now what she called herself a uni bomber after surgery she went through her final stage of treatment radiotherapy which was every day for 4 weeks, "best suntan I got that year haha".
At the end of treatment you get a feeling of what ifs and insecurity. After being at appointments etc for 9 months it’s like you’ve been set free into this new way of living, trying to adjust to everything.
It did get easier and in June 2017 Nicki had her reconstruction and risk reducing left mastectomy which would be her last stage of this journey, putting right what cancer took from her. Nicki never expected the huge dark cloud that ascended on her a few weeks after surgery.
Again those words "I’m sorry but ....yes they found more of it in a mammary node". In the weeks that followed she started to become unwell and breathless, everything was an effort, upon having further tests those words again I’m sorry but ..this time in her pluera of lung. This now made her a stage 4 incurable. After a few weeks of radiotherapy Nicki is now on palliative chemotherapy every 3 weeks for as long as her body can take it.
Nicki is now making memories and living life with her beautiful amazing family, her husband Lyndsay Ellis and their girls Georgina and Nikita. Nicki sends Love to all her family and friends also to the community of Barry who have supported her greatly from day one. Nicki adds "Everyone do something for me and keep checking those boobs and moobs".

Nicki Ellis

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