Spring Bedding

  • Spring Bedding

    Spring Bedding

Client: Spring Bedding
Location: Romily Park

Met a great bunch of fellas this morning as they worked doing the Spring Bedding at Romily Park. The team have been doing Green flags with the Vale of Glamorgan Council since 2013, covering The Knap, Barry Island front and Romilly park. The team consists of Paul Duggan team leader, Mike Nott, John Nethercotte, Gareth Scott, and Neil Gibbon
Today they were planting blue polyanthus for Spring bedding at Romilly park. I spoke with Mr Neil Gibbon who said "We enjoy working for the Vale and it's fantastic putting the time and effort into making our parks better for everyone and making the town a better place for all too enjoy.
We are also very proud in being involved with the European gardens at The Parade gardens, where we did all the preparing and planting".

Neil Gibbon

Mans working.

Man working.

The happiness that the man is doing his work.

Paul Duggan, Mike Nott, John Nethercotte, Gareth Scott and Neil Gibbon

Man looking to the camera.

Hands and plants.

Funny team.

Team and the nice and beautiful work.